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Alex Gold fundraises for Squashport

By Gavin McMahon, 10/25/18, 4:00AM EDT


Donates to the Squash + Education alliance.

Staples varsity girls captain 2017-2018, Alex Gold is now busy in her freshman year at Northwestern University. In her last act as captain of the 2018 Staples girls squash team, Alex has generously helped to grow squash. Alex tutored other Westport students as a part of Tutors for Opportunity (TFO).  At the end of the school year, when it was time to submit all of the money she collected from the Staples’ chapter, she learned that the organization was shutting down. As president of the Staples chapter, she wanted to make sure that the money they earned was contributed to a cause similar to the TFO’s mission to support education.  As a Staples squash player, she had the opportunity to play teams such as Street Squash and Squash Haven. When she heard about the fundraising for Squashport, she knew it is was the perfect organization to donate the tutoring proceeds.

Tim Wyant, Executive Director of the Squash+Education Alliance said, "Our goal at the Squash and Education Alliance is to launch youth programs that combine squash, academics and mentoring for children from underserved communities. Alex's generous contribution is timely, as we're working towards launching a new local program in Bridgeport.  Her volunteer work and fundraising efforts will be put to good use there."

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Alex huddles with the Varsity Team at Yale 2018

Alex huddles with the Team at Yale 2018

Alex Gold in action on the court

Alex Gold in action on the court

Alex with her co-captain Julia Pines

Alex (left) with her co-captain Julia Pines